Nacho Average Boss Babe Event

Hola! We just wrapped up our second event, Nacho Average Boss Babes! The theme as you may have guessed from the title was nachos and margaritas! Is there a better combo?

We brought together some inspiring women; made up of old friends, new friends, and family. Our conversation started with a discussion about what success means to us, and what we have learned on our journey. We shared ideas and ways to stay motivated to reach our goals, and how to stay positive when times get tough. We shared affirmations, meditations, and personal stories.

Everyone left feeling energized and empowered, and some great connections were made.

We also got to share some of our new furniture, including our Marg Bar, made from recycled pallet wood!

Check out the photos below and be sure to sign up to be notified of our next one!

Vienna Natividad